Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Real Ladies of Loveland

My guilty pleasure is watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The way they live if pretty outrageous and not realistic for most women. Nonetheless I need some mindless TV when the boys go to bed.

This morning the boys and I met some friends at recreations outlet for a playdate. We met Heather, Will, and Caroline, Jennifer and Bret and Shannon and Ashley. All four of us live in Loveland. Heather said it best when she told Will they were going to see his friends to play AND so mommy could have some friend time as well.

Colton and his wubby!

I love these girls and so glad to have them in my life. It's so awesome to have friends in the same stage of life. We talked about the terrible two's, potty training, tantrums, we covered it all! I love how we can be real with each other and support each other. These girls are my lifeline.

The kids had a great time running around. Ryan kept getting away from me and he would walk by on a scooter or pushing a car and just give me this sneaky look like "I'm not doing anything wrong, I'm not in trouble". Hilarious! That boy cracks me up.

It was a fun time and can't wait for the next playdate.

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