Monday, January 9, 2012

Our Monday

Love these three boys!!! They are so handsome and I couldn't love them more.
This was before church yesterday.

Today Ryan started back at mother's day out. I have enjoyed spending time with Ryan over the last three weeks but I am worn out. Ryan loves school, his teachers and his friends. He was so excited when I got him up this morning and told him it was a school day.

When I picked him up at school his teacher said in a nice way that he had a hard time focusing today. I laughed and thought that was a nice way to say that Ryan didn't listen to his teachers and was a hand full today. Ryan is a busy boy and doesn't stop all day until his head hits the pillow. I'm so thankful for his MDO and for teachers that care about him.

I do think the closer we get to 3 - the easier he is getting. We have had some wonderful days lately and it's been such a blessing. His favorite word right now, besides tow-mater, is Yes! He is SO helpful and wants to do everything himself. I love his independence and sweet servants heart. It teaches me LOTS of patience!

While Ryan was at MDO Colton and I met some friends for brunch this morning. I love going to breakfast. Colton was fabulous and slept the first 40 minutes in his carseat then was content sitting in my lap. I love this age! He is so sweet and so good.

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