Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Nana and Family Dinner

We want to wish Nana a VERY happy birthday!!!!
Yesterday was my mom's birthday! We face-timed with my parents yesterday and Ryan helped me sing happy birthday to Nana! We love you Nana and hope you had a wonderful day!

Matt's two step brothers Michael and Matthew, and Michael's girlfriend Melinda, are in town from Arizona and California. We enjoyed going to dinner with the whole family last night.

We were at dinner for two and a half hours and the boys did exceptionally well. I'm always nervous to take Ryan out to eat because sometimes he's good and sometimes he's awful! Last night he was seriously on his best behavior. I had crayons, markers, stickers...the works to keep him entertained. Not only was he well behaved but he ate his entire dinner of chicken fingers and french fries and an additional basket of fries.

Michael holding Colton for the first time.

Matthew was an old pro holding Colton!

Uncle Brad and Colton

We had a great time with everyone and can't wait to see Michael, Melinda and Matthew again!

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