Friday, January 20, 2012

One Wild Week

It's been one wild week around here! Between taking Annabelle to get her teeth cleaned, HOA meeting, open house at Ryan's preschool, lunch play dates and small group tonight we have been super busy.
(Look at the wild hair on this boy!)
Ryan has been challenging this week. He tests my patience all day long and many times I just have to take a deep breath to not lose my cool. He is really a good boy but he can throw a tantrum with the best of them. Some days I feel like he lives in time out and I'm trying to understand his two year old ways. Thank the Lord for sweet friends who totally understand this whole parenting thing.

Last night at Ryan's preschool open house Colton suddenly started screaming his little head off. There was no exit and I was fumbling to get his bottle ready. My sweet friend Heather put her arm around me and whispered "I promise, it's louder to you than anyone else in the room". I can't begin to tell you what that meant to me and how it was exactly what I needed to hear in the moment.

Ryan and his friend Bret at CFA

I've noticed that at dinner Ryan says "mommy help" a lot. Colton is usually taking his late afternoon "cat nap" during dinner. I think Ryan is really just wanting and needing our attention at that time. Sometimes he will only eat his meal if I feed him with his fork. It can easily drive me nuts but as long as my picky eater will eat, I will do it. He has been eating so good the last week or so. He has eaten taco salad, spaghetti and roast. I am not above bribing him with a cookie to get him to eat his dinner.
There is a good chance we are going to get freezing rain and snow overnight. I'm looking forward to staying in this weekend, getting things done around the house and relaxing!

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Heather Joseph said...

hello my are doing great. this is not easy. 2 years old is not fun at times. but we will get through it. together. and i promise you, colton really wasn't that loud, swear!!
now caroline is sick. of course she is!!