Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Like Mother, like son

When Colton was born and I first laid eyes on his beautiful face I thought he looked exactly like Ryan. He looked just like Ryan did when he was born. The only difference was Colton had more hair and it was darker!

While we were in Memphis over Thanksgiving I was looking at some of my baby pictures and quickly realized that Colton favors me a lot. He looks just like my baby pictures.

Do you see it???
(Obviously I am the one in the dress, ha!)
When I'm out with the boys many people will tell me how much Ryan looks like me. I usually laugh and say "you haven't met my husband".

Ryan looks SO much like Matt and favors his baby pictures! Yes, Matt and I have a lot of the same features...brown hair, brown eyes, dark complexion so we do kinda look alike.
People usually look at Colton now and say how much he looks like me. As he gets older I see it more and more.
I guess we see where Colton gets the open mouth look! Ha!!!

I think it's neat that Ryan looks like his daddy and Colton looks like his momma!
Of course I think both Ryan and Colton are the most handsome boys on the planet!!!

And this is my brother Matt and I when we were around 6 and 3.

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