Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fun Stuff

Yesterday I picked up Chick-fil-A on our way home from the gym. I am SO excited about the new healthy kids meal now available at CFA. They have grilled chicken nuggets and applesauce.
At first Ryan was a little resistant to the grilled chicken but after some coaxing he took a bite and loved them. Ryan loves applesauce and eats it at least once a day. He put up a big battle of wills for at least 45 min BUT he finally ate it! Oh my! I love they are now offering this healthy choice! Way to go CFA! Like I needed another reason to love CFA, ha!

I got these super cute new rain boots this weekend! I got them at Charming Charlie's! I can't wait to wear them! I've never had rain boots! I needed something to wear when it rains and when it snow!
We might have our first snow day of the year tomorrow! They are calling for 1-2 inches of snow by morning. I'm hoping we can make it to the gym but if not we will have a fun pajama snow day! Regardless I'm looking forward to spending time with my boys!

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