Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mr. Independent

Mr. Independent is exactly who Ryan is right now. He wants to do EVERYTHING himself. I love that he has a servants heart and wants to help me feed the dogs, do laundry, sweep the floor and the list goes on. Sometimes however, his sweet servants heart doesn't understand he can't do it all. For instance, on Monday when we were getting ready to leave the gym, in true 2.5 year old fashion, he threw himself on the floor in a full out tantrum because he wanted to put his shoes on without mommy's help. Sometimes I think if we make it to three it will be a miracle!!!

It's funny how we can be just like a toddler in God's eyes. We think we can do it all and we don't need anyone's help. The reality is we NEED God. He is waiting in the wings patiently for us to call on Him. God wants us to trust Him and come to Him with not just the big things but the little things too.

I'm a pretty independent person. I have a hard time accepting help from other people. Motherhood definitely teaches you humility and how much you need and depend on other people whether that be your husband, your friends, you parents, the childcare worker at the gym/church, or the person who holds the door for you, with your hands full, and smiles saying saying "yup, I remember those days".

Yesterday I started a new Bible study at church and I'm SO excited about it. It's called MotherWise - Wisdom for Mothers. It's a study based on Proverbs 31 that teaches women how to be the wife and mother God created them to be. We will get to hear from some amazing mentor mom's and their journey in motherhood. I am so excited and can't wait to see what God teaches me over the next 10 weeks.

I've been looking at old pictures the last few days and I cannot believe how much Ryan has changed in the last 12 months. He almost looks like a different kid. He totally looks like a little boy and less like a baby now. He is growing up way too fast! I saw it all the time but two is a fun age but it is HARD!!!

I remember that one of my favorite ages with Ryan was 6-8 months old. He could sit up by himself and play but still couldn't go anywhere. Colton is just so sweet and such a good baby. He LOVES his jumperoo like his big brother and will play in there forever. He is almost sitting up by himself but usually prefers to be laying down on his back or belly.

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