Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Simple Pleasures

This is Ryan just one year ago today! I cannot believe how much he has changed and grown in just 365 days. He was so tiny and just precious!
We met some friends for lunch and while Ryan was eating his goldfish he leaned over and I am almost positive he said 'momma'. Oh what music to my ears! I think I say to him all day long "mamamamama", ha!!
Today was a rainy, yucky day and I was reflecting on the simple things in life that bring a smile to my face. This sweet little face is one of my favorite simple pleasures!

The smell of grass being cut in the spring

Smell of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies

Hearing one of your favorite songs on the radio

Receiving a compliment from a friend

The sound of rain outside your window while going to sleep

Having a good hair day

A sweet card in the mail from a friend

Waking up to a fresh and clean kitchen in the morning

A Saturday with nothing to do bu stay in your PJ's all day

Warm humid summer nights

Lunch with a friend

Finding money in your purse you forgot was there

The whole family cuddling in bed together and laughing

The smell of the dryer running

What are some of your simple pleasures???

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