Monday, July 5, 2010

Fourth of July Weekend

We had a awesome weekend!!! We thought we were going out of town but ended up staying home and I'm so glad we did. Saturday our friends (aka Matt's 2nd cousin) Ellie and Chris invited us out to their family pool.
Ellie and Chris have a little girl named Evie who is nine months older than Ryan. She is just adorable and sooooo smart. I'm hoping she rubs off on Ryan, ha! She says so many words and can repeat everything you say. She is one very smart girl.
She was so brave and would jump from off the side. She LOVED swimming!
Ryan loves his float and just had a ball playing in the pool.
I see these too having lots of fun playing together down the road. It's hard to believe they are only nine months apart. Too bad they are 3rd cousins because they are so cute.
Ryan enjoyed a fun piggy back ride from Daddy. He loves to pull daddy's hair, poor daddy!
Evie was trying to give Ryan a hug.
Ryan was way too into the photo book to receive Evie's hug. There he is again, so intent, with his mouth open!
Sunday we went to church, came home for nap, went to the pool for short time then went to the parade in downtown Loveland. It was our first time to see the parade and Ryan's first ever parade. He did so good considering he only got one nap. I'm so glad we took him.
It was hot, hot, hot but Ryan was totally distracted by the people, cars and all the activity. He clapped and smiled at everyone going by.
Everyone was lined up waiting for the parade to begin. I'll say it again...we love our little town. We headed home after the parade to put the little boy to bed. He was soooo tired and just exhausted!!!
After the parade they have a picnic in the park ending with amazing fireworks. The best part is we have the best view of the fireworks from our driveway.
I totally didn't "need" this cake but I couldn't resist being patriotic and making this flag cake. I need a total detox starting tomorrow! After we enjoyed some cake with our neighbors we all enjoyed the fireworks from our driveway. We thought about waking Ryan up for the fireworks show but he was just so tired so we let him sleep. He will get to see them next year.

What did you do for the fourth of July???

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