Friday, August 2, 2013

5 on Friday

I'm linking up with Darci for another Five on Friday!

1.  I took the boys to Touch a Truck event yesterday at a local park.  I think I say every single mom friend I know, ha!  They had firetrucks, police cars, a dump truck, excavator...basically all the trucks my boys are nuts about.  They loved it and had the best time.  

2.  Colton was a little unsure sitting in the big set of all the equipment.  I think he might have some kind of fear of heights.  He doesn't even like sitting on his changing table or sitting on the kitchen counter. What kid doesn't love to jump up and sit on the kitchen counter and cook with mommy?  Uhn Yeah, my kid.  Hope he grows out of it!

3.  Matt and I have planned a little getaway weekend in a few weeks to Nashville...sans kiddos!  Can I get a hallelujah!!!  We are staying at a bed and breakfast in Franklin.  It came highly recommended and will be our first time to stay at a B&B.  We are SO excited and cannot wait for a little alone time!

4.  I love the summertime and have enjoyed all the fun summer activities with the boys!  Though I love the summer I really love college football, fall outings and fall fashion.  I don't really want the cooler weather, since it's been a cool summer, but I can't wait for some football time in TENNESSEE!!! Go Vols!

5.  I just ordered and received this adorable top from Lululemon.  I love it and can't wait to wear it for my next workout.  I just ordered another one in a different color!  And I finally got some new running shoes last week.  I love working out in new workout gear!  I've been doing a kickboxing class on Fridays and I love it.  It's high energy and actually fun!  Perfect ending to my workout week.  

That about wraps up our week!  It's flown by!  I can't believe school starts in just a few weeks.  We are going to enjoy these last few weeks of summer!  Looking forward to a fun and great weekend!


kimmie said...

Love The Lulemon top!! I get motivated to work out more when I have new clothes!!
Chris worked a football camp at TN a few weeks ago...he came back with a TN hat, shirt, shorts, bag and notebook that they gave we now represent a little!!ha!
Are we going to Dotmom?

Tiffany said...

Hi Summer. I'm not really stalking you even though I have now shown up on your instagram and blog! : )

Tiffany Sharp had told me about you a few years ago when she lived here and now I'm finally hoping to be a part of the MOPS group and am excited to meet some new moms!

My husband and I went on a getaway before our last baby was born to Nashville (we had never been there) and we both loved it! : )

Oh, and my son would have been in heaven with those trucks and cars! How fun!