Thursday, August 22, 2013

Boys' Check-ups

The boys had their two and four year old check ups today!  We are a little late, ha!  Better late than never right!  The boys were really good!  

Ryan weighs 34lbs - 40th percentile
He is 41.7 inches tall - 75th percentile
Our Dr. was pleased with how well Ryan is growing and all his strong motor skills.  He is getting so big and growing so fast!  

Colton weighs 24lbs - 10th percentile
He is 33.5 inches tall - 5th percentile
Head measurement is 10th percentile

He is a little guy but he is proportionate.  The doctor isn't worried about him being little since he eats so well.  Hopefully he will grow to be average height and weight.  He is my little peanut and snuggle bug.  He is growing and right on point for all his milestones.  He is talking so well and saying new words all the time. 

Ryan had to get two shots and Colton got one.  It was really the first time Ryan got really upset with the shops.  We told him he would be getting a shot but poor little guy had no clue what was going to happen.  The nurses did it at the same time in both arms - smart idea.  He was so upset and kept saying - I'm sad they hurt me, I don't like they hurt my arm.  Bless his sweet heart!

We are so proud of our boys!  A gentleman just stopped me at the gym this morning telling me how it seems like yesterday his son was their age but last week he was dropping him off at college and balling like a baby.  He said the years go by so fast!  I know I will blink and they will be graduating high school.  I cherish these young years when they want me to hold them, play cars and give them hugs and kisses before going off to sleep

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