Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Indy Children's Museum

We decided to take the boys to the Indianapolis Children's Museum today.  Indy is only about two hours away so it was perfect day trip.  

They have the biggest Children' Museum in the world and I've heard many great things about it.  I had heard they had a hot wheels exhibit but I was so sad to hear that it left in May, boo =(  The boys would have LOVED that!  

Matt and Ryan in front of the giant transformer!

Our first stop was this huge room with so many fun toys including a big sand box, a train table and this ball tunnel thing.  You push the balls down in to a tube and watch it travel through the tubes before coming out the other side.  Totally their favorite thing in the room. 

Ryan loved the big bulldozer!  He kept saying "it doesn't work mommy, it doesn't work".

Matt and Ryan putting together this ancient warrior.

Ryan did this dinosaur puzzle mostly by himself.  At first he said he didn't want to see the dinosaurs but decided they were pretty cool!

The boys loved this full size train engine.  It had lights and sounds just like a real train going by.

So they have this really cool water clock right where you walk in. It was really neat and cool to watch.  I think the engineer in Matt enjoyed it the most.  

After lunch we saw them doing a little 10 minute show about the water clock so we decided to stop and listen.  The clock drains and starts over every day at 1pm and 1am.  It was neat to watch and learn how it works.  The boys were so good and listened intently!  

Well at least for a little while until Colton got bored, ha!

Me and my boyfriend!  He is a super hero in Indy!  We love him to because he is the golden boy of TN Football!  Go Vols!  Can you believe college football starts in just a few weeks???  What!?!  I CANNOT wait for some Tennessee football!!!

And last we rode the carousal.  Colton was terrified at first but calmed down once it started.  

The boys loved the museum and it was a great time had by all.  We traveled home this afternoon.  The boys did great traveling and Colton took a tiny nap in the car.  It was a great day but we are all exhausted!  It's early bedtimes for everyone tonight!

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