Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Columbus Zoo

We headed north this morning to visit the Columbus Zoo.  It's only an hour and half drive so it was a perfect day trip.  It was our first trip to the zoo but definitely not our last.  The zoo is HUGE and amazing!  I was really impressed.  I feel like we only got to see about half of it. 

I was so excited to meet a blog/twitter friend Amy who moved to OH from Arkansas about a year ago. She is a fellow Tennessean from Knoxville so of course we hit it off immediately.  We realized we know alot of the same people, crazy!  Her daughter Kaitlin is also four.  Her and Ryan were immediately running around like crazy little four year olds.  And little brother Colin was just the cutest little guy.  He chilled in the stroller most of the time. 

So glad to meet Amy and look forward to seeing her again.  She was the sweetest thing.  After she left I realized so many things we didn't get to talk about.  We could have talked for hours.

Our favorite part of the zoo was, of course, the Australia area.  We got to see my favorite, Koala bears, and Kangaroos.  The Koala bear was actually awake and we got to see him up close.  He was so cute! They just look so soft and sweet.   I want to go to Australia and hold one.  

We traveled on and saw all kinds of monkey, gorillas and orangoutangs.  Ryan requested to see elephants, tigers and lions.  So we obliged and headed towards Asia country.

We were walking along and Matt goes "Do you know who that was that just walked by?"  I said no, who was it?"  It was Jack Hanna!!!  AHH!!!  Jack Hanna is on the Today Show and Good Morning America all the time showcasing animals and also has a couple animal shows on Saturday morning and Animal Planet.  He was giving a tour so I just joined in for a moment to get a quick picture.  My celebrity sighting for the day, ha!

We rode the carousel at the end of the day!  Ryan loved it and was all smiles.  We promised him ice cream before we left so we got some dippin dots.  Yeah, he HATED them and wouldn't eat them.  Colton on the other hand LOVED them.  

It was such a fun and wonderful day!  We can't wait to go back!

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Courtney said...

We love going to the Columbus Zoo. I had a Jack sighting when I was there on one of our classroom field trips. He is a really nice guy, very down to Earth.