Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Take Me to the Movies

We took the boys to their first movie in a theatre this morning to see Disney Planes.  I was planning to get a sitter for Colton but our usual sitter had another commitment.  I figured we could take him and that one of us could take him to the lobby if he started getting squirmy or loud.  

 I was pleasantly surprised that we made it through the ENTIRE movie - all four of us!!!  That's a miracle!  Nevermind the two huge buckets of popcorn and some dumb dumbs they ate.  

They both loved the movie and were totally in to the story line the whole time.  Colton did get up from his chair after about an hour but there were only maybe 5 other families there so it was no big deal. 

I was so proud of them!  I'm so glad that things are getting easier and more fun the older they get.  They are at such a fun age and I want to enjoy every day even when I get frustrated or tired.  They are only this precious age for a short time.  I want to make memories and pour all I can into their little lives.  

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