Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Girls Night Out

Tonight I went out with some girlfriends to dinner!  Nothing does my soul better than going out with friends.  It's nice not worrying about cutting up a kids meal or them throwing a tantrum in the middle of the restaurant.  It was so great to sit down, enjoy a meal and hang out with friends.  

And this afternoon Ryan smoked me in some Candyland.  This boy loves to play games.  I'd say it's been a good day!


Raquel said...

I'm not sure I how I got to your blog...I was blog it was either the 5 on Friday or I was looking up info on MOPS convention and I came across your blog. As I was scrolling down I stopped on your girls night out that Sarah S at the end? If so we were in a moms group in Minnesota and I just saw her a few weeks ago at a summer bible study back in MN!! If not it is surely a twin!
Love you blog and will be back to read more!
Raquel Braun

Summer said...

Oh my gosh that is crazy small world! Yes, that's Sara and yup she used to live in Minnesota. SMALL WORLD!!!

I will have to tell her you found my blog and say Hi! So cool! Thanks for stopping by! Hope you come back to visit!