Friday, August 16, 2013

Five on Friday

I'm linking up again with Five on Friday!

1. I serve on our MOPS Leadership team as Co-cordinator and our retreat is this weekend!  I'm so looking forward to some girl time and planning out our awesome year.  Our theme this year is A Beautiful Mess!  I love that and think it's perfect for this time in our lives.  Life with preschoolers and toddlers is messy.  It can get crazy but its beautiful and its your story.  It's who you are!  

2. I made these fun "A Beautiful Mess" cookies for our retreat this weekend!  They are yummy...I had to taste test!

3. Matt doesn't watch too much TV but one of our favorite shows to watch together is Duck Dynasty.  I don't even think he liked it at first but it grew on him and now we love it.  We laugh SO hard.  We love how real they are and how they are true to themselves and their christian beliefs.  That sure is hard to find on TV these days!

4. Less than two weeks away from football time in TENNESSEE!!!  As you know I am a huge TN fan and I cannot wait to see what my Vols have in store this year.  With a brand new coach and even new uniforms I'm excited to see what they bring to the field.  Let's hope it's some W's!!!!  

5. And I am dying to go fall shopping!!!  I bought a couple things for the boys this week and picked up a few things for me as well.  With the weather turning cooler it totally put me in the mood to shop for fall.  I'm ready to shop anytime but I love the fall colors and the change of seasons.  Let's just hope that it doesn't mean ol man winter will be here early!


Raquel said...

I'm on our MOPS leadership also..creative activities. We start September excited to get the year started! Are you going to the MOMcon in Kansas City?

Summer said...

Yup, I'll be there! So excited about mops convention in October! Are you going?

I did creative activities last year and loved it.

Raquel said...

I am going! We will have to keep in touch and maybe we can run into each other;)