Monday, August 12, 2013

Our Weekend

We had a very boring and quiet weekend!  It was kinda nice to lay low and not have much on the agenda!  Matt finished up his summer classes on Friday so now he has two weeks off before his fall semester begins.  We are all so happy to have him home and not studying all the time.  To celebrate we have some fun activities planned for the boys!

Saturday night we went to dinner with Uncle Steve and Aunt Teresa.  We haven't seen them since we were last at the lake house so it was nice to catch up and they loved seeing the boys. 

Sunday we went to church then grabbed Chipotle for lunch on the way home.  All three boys took naps while I went to the store.  When I got home we hurried to get ready and hit the pool before it closed for the evening.  We haven't been to the pool in the late afternoon at all this year so it was kind of nice.  We didn't stay very long but the boys had a blast splashing around.  

We managed to get some rest and enjoy the low key before school starts back for everyone - everyone except me, ha!

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