Monday, August 19, 2013

Weekend Wrap-up

It feels like the weekend was months away!  I can hardly remember what we did, ha!
We had a great MOPS retreat.  Loved spending time with my girlfriends and we got alot of planning done for the year.  

Matt took the boys to dunkin donuts Saturday morning.  Ryan had three donuts and chocolate milk for the first time.  He said "Mmm this is good!" He loved it and jugged it down!

Sunday we went to church and stopped by Whole Foods to get a few items.  The boys love going to Whole Foods b/c they always have great food samples.  

We came home for lunch and naps.  I headed to the store.  I probably shouldn't have wait til 4pm on the  sunday before school starts to go to the grocery store.  The shelves were nearly bare!  

And oh my word, do you see this precious face of Colton?  I'm dying over his cuteness! He is one silly and sweet little boy!

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