Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekend in Nashville

This weekend Matt and I traveled to Nashville for a little getaway!  My wonderful in-laws watched the boys for us all weekend.  We dropped them off on Friday afternoon and headed straight out of town.  Except for a little traffic getting out of town we sailed through to our destination - Nashville, TN!!!  

We arrived at our bed and breakfast - the Butterfly Meadow around 9pm.  We were zonked and ready for bed.  
The Butterfly Meadow was absolutely beautiful.  It was just built three years ago but the owners built it to look like an old farm house that had been restored.  I was shocked because I totally thought it was old and they had redone it.  It was gorgeous and so quiet.  The bed was so comfy and everything was just clean and fresh.  We loved it and would highly recommend it!  We even said we would love to come back even if we move to Nashville.  

After a delicious breakfast saturday morning we headed out to check out some areas that we are thinking about moving to.  We enjoyed looking at houses and just checking out the lay of the land.  I've been looking at houses online for quit some time so it was nice to finally see their location and get a feel for where things are.  

Around lunchtime we headed to downtown Franklin.  I've heard tons of wonderful things about downtown Franklin so I couldn't wait to explore it.  We went to Puckett's for lunch.  It was amazing and a true southern meal.  Loved it!  I think I had ten glasses of sweet tea, ha!  

After we were stuffed from lunch we walked about popping in and out of shops there in downtown Franklin.  The little town is just adorable in every way.  I loved it.  

My college friend Courtney and her family live in Spring Hill, just a few miles south of Franklin.  We met up with her for dinner Saturday night.  We met her husband and two adorable little girls.  She actually grew up in Loveland so it was great to hear how much she loves Nashville and could compare to Cincinnati. 

Sunday morning Matt rose early and went for a little nature walk while I slept in.  We had another fabulous breakfast before meeting Courtney and her family at church.  We were late but really enjoyed her church.  Tons of families with young kids and everyone was so friendly.  Courtney kept telling everyone we were moving to Nashville so they all wanted to know when.  Ha!  I corrected them saying we were considering moving, nothing final yet!  ;)  

For lunch we got to meet up with my friend Tiffany and her husband Matt, daughter Presley and cutie pie Levi.  I'm so glad we got to see them because they are moving to St. Louis next week.  We love them and so sad they won't be in Nashville if we decide to move next year.  

We had a wonderful lunch and talked about everything from Memphis, moving to St.L, Disney World, to real estate in Nashville.  After a great lunch we got on the road to head home to our sweet boys.  We picked them up from the in-laws last night.  They boys had the best time with their Papau and Yaya.  They have been talking about their weekend all day!  I'm so thankful they got to spend special time with them.  

Today is back to our daily routine and Matt's first day of class for the fall semester.  I've been buried in piles of laundry and cleaning the house.  Only a couple more weeks before preschool starts!!!

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