Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Boys Weekend

This past weekend Matt went to the lake with his men's Bible study for a guys weekend.  He comes home today and we cannot wait to see him.  The boys have been really good while Matt's been gone.  For having a husband that doesn't travel ever I feel like I've handled the being a 'single' parent thing pretty well.  Thankfully the boys were well behaved all weekend.  

The hardest part of the weekend was I've had some sinus drainage and felt pretty crummy all day saturday.  I'm feeling better now but still have some congestion. Yuck!

Saturday the boys and I just hung out then went to CFA for dinner.  It was good and the boys got to run off some energy!

Sunday we went to church then lunch at McAllister's with our friends the Krafts.  The boys loved hanging out with them.  My boys are smitten with those Kraft girls.  And they are obsessed with drinking my tea.  I only give them a tiny sip but they beeeeg for more. 

We enjoyed some bedtime snuggles.  

Before church on Sunday morning!  Love this cutie pie!  

Life isn't all rosey, when I took this picture Ryan was throwing a huge fit.  Oh the joy of motherhood! That is just what life is like around here!  And I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.   

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