Monday, June 3, 2013

Busy Birthday Weekend

So, you can see why I haven't blogged in days!  I was super busy this weekend making this cake and fifty cookies for an eagle scout ceremony.  I think i've pretty much decided I only want to make cookies and not cakes.  I don't make cakes very often but they stress me out and take so much time.  I would say they take about the same amount of time as cookies but a cake you do all at once where the cookies I spread out over 3-4 days.  

It was an honor to make these sweet treats.

Saturday was full of birthday fun.  First we went to celebrate Grayson's first birthday.  Grayson's mom Nancy, and Matt are 2nd cousins.  

Grayson is the cutest little red headed boy!  He was toddling around all over the place and just so adorable!  

Grayson got a new water table for his birthday.  The boys had the best time playing and splashing in the water.  

You give a boy a water table and water hose and they will be entertained for HOURS!!!

Sunday we went to church and came home for lunch and I had to go deliver the cake and cookies.  Our friends the Krafts came over for dinner last night.  We grilled out burgers and dog, ate corn on cob, baked beans and chip and salsa.  It was so much fun and the kids had a blast running and playing with Ava, Natalie and Jillian!

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