Friday, June 7, 2013


This morning I took the boys to have their 2 and 4 year pictures done.  I would normally wait until July after the craziness of their birthdays settle down, but last year it was SO hot in July.  I decided we would do their pictures now then in the fall we will do family pictures.  

I always get nervous when we do pictures because you never know how they are going to act and if there are going to be meltdowns.  The boys did AMAZING!  Probably our best shoot ever.  I cannot wait to see the proofs from Amy.  I meant to take some iphone pics but I was totally distracted trying to get them to smile.  Oh well!

 We met up with my friend Anissa, Elizabeth, Quinn and baby Caitlyn.  The kids had a great time and Anissa and I enjoyed catching up.  

So I broke my word and we decided to take the boys to a mexican restaurant last night.  I thought the chips and salsa would keep them happy and occupied.  I am glad to report it was a great dinner and we all enjoyed it.  The boys ate pretty well and Matt and I enjoyed a margarita.  It was a good Friday and great start to the weekend!

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