Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Our Day

We have had a really fun day today!  Ryan is doing camp this week.  He LOVES it and talks about camp first thing every morning.  He has a couple friends from preschool at camp so he's enjoying being reunited with some buddies.  

Our routine has been to drop Ryan off at 9 then Colton and I head to the gym.  Today I needed to go to the grocery store after we picked up Ryan.  I packed a lunch for Colton and we had a little picnic in the car before picking Ryan up.  

After naps we headed to a park where is was CFA family fun night.  It was full of free CFA, bounce houses and free ice cream.  What else is better on a summer night!  The boys had a blast!

Of course the boys loved their CFA chicken sandwiches.  

They got to play with some sidewalk chalk.  

And a summer night would not be complete without some ice cream!  They were a hot mess by the end but they had a blast!  Totally worth it!!

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Courtney said...

What a fun day. That CFA night sounds really fun.