Sunday, June 16, 2013

Ryan and Colton's Construction Birthday Party

 We celebrated Ryan and Coltons' birthdays yesterday with a fun and fabulous construction birthday party!  The boys had the best time with their friends.  The played so hard and just had the best time!  It was a wonderful day and I wouldn't have changed a thing.
The food table!  I loved doing all the little details of everything from the signs for he food to the cookies and the cake.  Everything turned out great and we had a pretty good spread. 

Another view of the table.

We rented a bounce house for the kiddos.  Initially I wanted to buy one so we could use it again but it would have been much smaller than this one and definitely not as fun.  Totally glad we rented it and didn't have to bother with set up or tear down.  Worth every penny!  The kids LOVED it and played so hard. 

Of course I made the cookies!  These turned out so cute!  

I made the cake as well.  Took different ideas from pinterest and my friend Kim's adorable construction party she threw last year for her boys!

Dump truck cookies for favors.

My friends Krissy, Anissa and Ruth

Ryan enjoying his party.  

Only picture I got with Ryan all day!  So bummed we didn't get a picture of the four of us!

The boys LOVED the bounce house!  Colton might have been in there more than Ryan.  I think he thought he was turning four yesterday!  He loved playing with all the big kids but he also had his friends there too!

Monica with Noah and Claudette with her boys Noah and Chase.

Sweet and sweaty little boy!

Our neighbors down the street Josh and Jake!

The sand box was seriously a bigger hit than I imagined.  The kids loved it and were constantly playing in it.  I would look over and there was always 4-6 kids playing.

Friends Joel, Lindsay and Scott.

We had a tent set up with drinks underneath and blankets set out for people to grab some food and picnic.  

Singing happy birthday to my sweet boys!  

The boys and kids loved the cake!  Sweet Lauren pictured on the right asked "is that real dirt on the cake?"  Can you tell they had fun?  They were all a sweaty and hot mess.  

It was a wonderful party and I wouldn't have changed a thing...just gotten a picture of the four of us.  It was so fun and everyone had a blast!  

Cannot believe my boys are four and almost two.  Where did the time go?  They are growing so fast and turning in to little boys before our eyes!

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Courtney said...

What a great party for your two little guys. I love all the attention to details. The cake turned out great. I agree it renting the bounce house. A friend of mine bought one and regret it because it is a huge hassle and they don't get the use out of it that they thought they would.