Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up

Do you see these two adorable little boys???  Oh my word, I can hardly take the sweetness.  I am just crazy about them and just eating them up lately.  They have been so sweet! I can't get enough of them!

We had a great, busy weekend!  Friday night we went to a birthday party for our cousin Evie at Recreations Outlet.  She turned four years old.  The boys had the BEST time and played so hard.  Part of the time at the party they got to play in the bouncy house thing.  When Ryan came out of the bouncy house his face was blood red and he was just a sweaty mess.  Matt and I looked at each other and both said "it's definitely bath night".  He was bouncy off the walls and had a blast!  Both boys definitely slept great Friday night and let me sleep in til 8:20 Saturday morning.

 Saturday night our church had a parents night out for the first time!  Yay!!!  I have been asking them to do this for a looong time.  I was SO excited they did it and excited that the money they charged was going to the youth department for trips and mission projects.  Win win!!!

We went to dinner at The Melting Pot with our friends the Crafts.  They have three adorable girls.  It was so fun and we can't wait to do it again!  

 Sunday we went to church and came home to relax and eat lunch.  I went out to dinner with my Mops girls and the boys hung out at home.  Let's just say that I am back on the eating healthy train today.  Loved me some cake, cheese and chocolate fondue and pizza over the weekend but now it's back to counting points.  

I will say that I have been doing Weight Watchers online for awhile now and since January I've lost almost 30 lbs.  I am so proud of myself for losing the weight and reaching my goal!  It's been a journey and I've worked hard at staying within my points and working my buns off at the gym.  


Julie Rogers said...

Your boys are SO stinking cute;) And I am so jealous you went to Melting Pot---that is seriously one of my faves!!!!!


Courtney said...

Congratulations on your weight loss. Sounds like a fun weekend. The pictures of the boys are adorable.