Monday, September 17, 2012

Boys and Trucks

Saturday we took the boys to lunch then headed over to the Touch a Truck event in Mason.  I totally thought they would just have a firetruck, ambulance, police car but there was so much more.  They had the usuals plus a dump truck, backhoe, police motorcycle, helicopter, and of course Matt's favorite an armored car.

I seriously think Matt might have had more fun than the boys.  Ha!  I have to say it was really neat and Ryan had a Blast!!  He loved crawling through the firetruck and ambulance.

They had multiple firetrucks for the kids to enjoy.  Ryan loved the backhoe (the first picture).  He kept saying "it's not moving, it's not moving" as he was shifting the gears back and forth.  Glad they had people stationed at every truck and they were safely parked. 

He was fascinated with the air care helicopter.  I told him this is one helicopter we hope to never ride in.

Another favorite was the dump truck/snow plow.  He loved going up and down on the air compressed chair.  He totally thought it was a ride.

Such a fun time.  The boys were exhausted by the time we got home and took amazing naps.

  Saturday night we watched the TN/FL game.  The first half was awesome and I thought we might just pull it off and the second half went downhill for TN.  The Florida defense just shut down our offense and our defense gave up. So bummed but at least we were better than we were last year! 

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