Thursday, September 20, 2012

Quality Colton Time

Today while Ryan was at school Colton and I had some quality Colton time.  Do you like his milk mouth?  I've never seen two kids love milk like my two boys.  We go through a gallon of milk every three days.  Crazy!  We should just by the cow, ha.  

 Whenever I'm trying to work with Colton on new skills and new sight words Ryan is always right in the middle giving the answers and taking over the toys.  It drives me nuts!  Sometimes he can be helpful but many times it's distracting.  I want Colton to learn and I want to help him in every way I can.  

Today we got to play together and work on skills and words.  He did so well and we both had fun!  Love spending time with my sweet baby boy.  

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