Thursday, September 27, 2012

15 Months Old

Colton - you are FIFTEEN Months old!  Wow!

I'm not sure what you weigh but we go tomorrow for you 15 month checkup so we will know then.  You wear size 12-18 month clothes, size 4 diaper and size 4.5 shoe. 

You are a great eater and will pretty much eat anything.  You love your green beans.  You typically eat whatever we are eating for dinner.  Lately when I've given you yogurt and applesauce it's in the squeeze containers because you eat it better than when I spoon feed it to you.   You are still a big lover of fruit. And boy do you LOVE your milk. 

You adore your big brother!  Your favorite activity is "chasing" him up the stairs til you catch him and tackle him.  You laugh and giggle the whole time.  It's precious.  

You are a busy, busy boy!  You are crawling everywhere and you are fast!  Everyone always comments on how fast you crawl.  I remember Ryan being the same exact way.  You are at the into everything stage.  You love to get into the pantry, bathroom and the dog bowls. 

 You are still not walking but you will stand alone unassisted for about 10-15 seconds.  This week you "walked" from the coffee table to the couch without touching the floor.  You are getting there and will be walking before we know it.

You don't say many words but you love to say "momma" and "dada".  You are very vocal and like to "talk".  

You continue to be a great sleeper!  You take one long nap in the afternoon.  

You are such a sweet cuddlier.  Sometimes in the morning if you are up early I will go in and rock with you and you lay your head on my shoulder and snuggle.  You are my snuggle bug and I love that. You will be playing and just come over for a little snuggle then go back to playing again. 

You show us more of your personality every day! You love attention and love to smile at other people. You do great in the nursery at church and ok at the gym.  You definitely have your favorite care takers at the gym and church nursery. 

It was a little tough, ok a lot tough, getting your 15 months pictures today.  I was a tired and sweaty mess afterwards.   You are SO busy and fast! You don't want to sit still for a second.  

You are growing so fast and we fall in love with you more every day.  You are such a joy and we love you so much sweet boy!

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