Friday, September 14, 2012

Back to the Glory Days

In case you live under a rock (or in my case, buckeye nation) you know that the Tennessee Vols are back with vengeance for the 2012 football season.  You see, back many, many years ago the Tennessee Vols were ranked in the top 10 but after Peyton Manning graduated the Vols lost their steam, leadership, and ugh many coaches.  

Back in the glory days Tennessee had a HUGE rivalry with Florida.  Much of that has faded over the years since Florida has beaten the Vols the last seven times.  Did I mention I hate the Gators? 

On Saturday, for the first time since 2004, ESPN College Gameday is coming to Rocky Top!!!!  TN has won their first two games and the Florida Gators created an upset against SEC's newest Texas A&M.  The buzz has started and I CANNOT WAIT to watch the Vols crush the Gators on Saturday night!!

I dressed the boys in their Vols and football shirts this morning in preparation for a fun football weekend.  I tried to get a cute pic of them before leaving for the gym but this was as good as I got.  

This is how most of my pictures look like.  Little stinky pants was a squirmy wormy and would not sit still for anything.  They crack me up!  This is just life right now! 

One of our favorite things to do every day is Colton will crawl up the stairs "chasing" after Ryan.  They laugh and laugh.  Colton will get to the top and giggle then crawl after his big brother until he reaches him and tackles him.  

Of course this event happened today right before naps and we all laughed and giggled til our belly hurt.  When I put Ryan down he said "I want to chase Colton".  So sweet!  I LOVE having two boys that will wrestle, chase each other and hopefully be best friends for life!

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