Thursday, September 6, 2012


This morning Ryan woke up not feeling so great!  He almost threw up in the bed and said his tummy hurt real bad.  He never got sick and I'm not sure what was wrong.  It could be that all he ate for dinner last night were some peaches and I think one bit of spaghetti, ugh!  Drives me nuts!  Thankfully after getting up and eating some breakfast he said he felt a lot better and his tummy didn't hurt.

It was a cloudy overcast day so we took it easy and went to the park down the street.  Ryan rode his bike around the little trail while I pushed Colton.  Of course a little over half way around Ryan wanted to walk and not ride.  I made him ride until we got to the playground.  The boys played for a little bit then we headed home for lunch and naps.  

It was a nice relaxing day and one I'm thankful for.  Once Ryan starts preschool next week things will pick up and get busy around here.  Some days it's just nice to take a day to relax and not have anything on the "to do" list.

Love this picture of Colton!  Ryan was playing with his cars and this little cutie climbed up in Ryan's chair and was watching tv.  He was so cute and so proud of himself.  

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