Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Let's be real

This morning I thought I would blog how Colton is officially taking the sippy cup (I have packed up all the bottles in the house, Hallelujah) and about going to the pool with friends today.

Well, let's just be real here!  

I enjoy posting pictures of the boys for the grandparents who are always begging to see more pictures and videos of their sweet darlings but today I'm writing this post for me!

I try to look at life with a "glass half full" mentality.  I know God is in control and I am SO blessed in so many ways.  I don't have many bad days but today was one of them.  

It started out innocent enough getting the boys ready to go to the pool with friends.  Ryan was pushing my buttons and throwing fits before we even left.

We arrived at the pool and Ryan couldn't wait to get in.  Colton, on the other hand, wasn't digging it!  He fussed and just wanted to be held.  I thought he could forgo his morning nap and take an earlier afternoon nap but he quickly let me know that was not a deal.  

We ate lunch and headed home around 12:15.  Colton was out before we hit the second read light.  He was zonked.  I successfully transferred him to his bed and got Ryan down for his nap.  I took a little break before I went down to workout.  Within five minutes of starting my run Colton woke up crying.  Ugh!  Seriously!?!  He cried off and on the entire time I was on the treadmill.  He finally fell back asleep after about an hour.  I went to take a shower knowing my time was limited.  Of course he woke after I got out of the shower.  Awesome!  

I am tired and just at the end of my rope today.  I texted Matt to vent and warn him before he came home.  He always very supportive and encourages me that I'm doing a great job.  After I finish this post I'm going to bed to read a book and just decompress.  

This afternoon I read Blue-EyedBride's blog post Oneday and it really resonated with me.  I know that one day I will miss the craziness and chaos that comes with this stage.  I know one day I will wish they would want me to hold them and read them a story.  I will miss spending time with them when they are teenagers and just want to hang out in their room or with their friends.  

The days can seem long but I know they will fly by and they will be teenagers and adults before I know it.  I want to enjoy these days with my boys and cherish every moment with them.  Praise God that tomorrow is a new day and we can all start fresh.  


Summer said...

you are an amazing mommy and wife! we all have those days girl! I know even with Kelcee being five, she still gets cranky and fusses about which tankini to wear to the pool, which toys to take, if she wants to nap that day, etc. It can make for a very exhausting day. If she doesn't take a cat nap boy are we in for a treat the rest of the day. I laughed when you said you call to warn Matt, I call and warn Greg as well lol! All of this reminds me of that country song "your gonna miss this" and as you and I love every minute of it...it can be so very exhausting and we need the decompression of a book or five minutes to gain composure. Girl your not alone, we all get that way! You are rockin' at a momma, keep up the great work rockstar! Love ya Sums

Tiff said...

First, Colton is a doll!
Second, I am right there with ya... Cant take this precious time for granted as hard as it can be.. It's over in a blink of an eye!
Miss ya girl;)
Just loving having a baby boy!!!;)

Amanda said...

You are not alone on those days! The truth is the just happen. However those are the times Jesus expects us to rely on Him because we can't do it anymore. You are a great mom!