Monday, July 30, 2012

13 Months

Colton  - You are 13 Months Old!!


You weigh around 20 lbs
You wear 12-18 month clothes - You are still our little peanut
You wear size 3.5 shoe
You wear size 4 diaper

You continue to be a great eater.  You love just about everything but your favorite are fruits.  You love green beans and peas - thank goodness ;)  Some of your other favorites are blueberries, raspberries, grapes and watermelon.  You like chicken and spaghetti but not a fan of hamburger meat.

You are a great sleeper.  You take two good naps a day.  A short one in the morning and a longer one in the afternoon.  The last few days you have skipped your morning nap, without being fussy, and taken a longer afternoon nap.  I can't wait for you to drop your morning nap.  It will open up so much more time for us to do stuff.  

You sleep great at night going to bed around 7pm and you sleep til 7:30-8am.

You are crawling all over the place.  You love to pull up on everything and are cruising around furniture.  You are not yet standing on your own.  You are definitely into everything and go for everything Ryan picks up.

You love your big brother Ryan and you are so interested in whatever he is playing with or doing.  I think it drives him nuts a little but then what are little brothers for.  Ryan loves to make you laugh and smile.  It warms my heart when I hear you boys giggling and having fun!

You are showing more interest in the dogs lately.  You giggle when they give you kisses and you like to pet them.  

You had your first difficulty with separation anxiety this month.  You have gotten a little better but you definitely love your momma!

You are officially one hundred percent on whole milk with your sippy cup.  No more bottles for you! Yay!  You love milk and have taken to a nubby sippy cup pretty well.

You are saying momma and dada.  We are working on more words all the time.  You love to clap your hands and play patty cake.  

 You are growing so fast that I can hardly believe it.  You are so sweet and special.  We are beyond blessed and thank God for you every day.  

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Love this! :) I am new to your blog and wanted to say hi. Dropping by from kelly's korner. :) Erin