Monday, July 23, 2012

Busy and Fun Weekend

 We had a fun and busy weekend.  (See our Costco stock up behind Ryan, haha)  Friday night we stayed home and played with the boys and watched all the coverage (after they went to bed of course) about the horrific shooting incident in Aurora, Colorado.  My heart breaks for all those families who lost loved one and all those affected by such a tragedy.  

Saturday morning we decided to take the boys to the pool.  We went after Colton's morning nap, around lunchtime.   Ryan enjoyed it but Colton was not too thrilled.  He really just wanted to be held and snuggle with me.  Poor thing was still getting over his cold.  

We ate lunch and Ryan went back in the water.  Not 10 minutes later he came over and said he wanted to go home, very unusual for him.  It was overcast and I think the water was a little too chilly.  So we went home and took naps.  

 Saturday night we went to Matt's cousin Chase's graduation party.  Ryan had a blast running around with Anna and Colton charmed everyone else.   It was a fun party and good to celebrate. 

Sunday we went over to Papou and Yaya's neighborhood pool to go swim.  This time we had a hard time getting Ryan out of the pool. He had the best time playing with some some water toys.  

Colton enjoyed the water too.  He loves to stick his face in the water.  No quit sure why he does it.  Maybe he's just curious or maybe he's thirsty. 

 It was a fun family night and glad we got to spend some time with Papou and Yaya!  

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