Friday, July 13, 2012


 I am so glad to see Friday get here!  It seems like this week has been so long.  

Today is just a brain dump of what's been going on lately.

I know I mentioned yesterday about tackling my todo list and I'm excited that instead of taking a nap (which I really wanted to do) I decided to be productive and mark some things off my list.  I deep cleaned the guest bedroom and boys bathroom, put away laundry, organized/purged toys and vacuumed the whole downstairs.

We went to the gym this morning and the boys took amazing naps this afternoon.  They are both still awake in their cribs right now at 8:30pm but I needed that extra time today! =)  

I got my haircut last night and my salon is next door to a Home Goods so I always stop in when I have an appointment.  I love Home Goods!  They have the cutest stuff and so well priced.  I found this cute wicker basket to go under our sofa table.  We needed something there and this was just perfect.  

I found this leather club chair that I want to put in our family room and put the recliner in the basement.

 I saw this furniture set up last month at a home show and I loved it.  I think it would be a perfect layout for our family room.  Now I'm on the search for a club chair, upholstered chair and small round table.  I think they will be perfect for the recliner/sofa table area.  I'm going to keep checking HG for the perfect chairs.  

We are looking forward to a relaxing low key weekend!

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jenn said...

found your blog through Jenna :) @Jenna05/Jenna's Journey!!

your boys are precious :o)