Thursday, July 26, 2012

Girl Time

 This has been a hard week! We've had a lot of battle of wills with Ryan lately and way more tantrums than I can handle. 

Today started out rough with Ryan taking over an hour to eat his waffle. He refused and I told him he couldn't get up until he had finished it.  Silly, silly! Seriously, the strong-willed kid is about to put me over the edge. 

We met our friends Jennifer and Bret at CFA for lunch.  It was such a relief to vent to another mom and get a little advice and moral support.  The boys had fun and by the time we were headed home we were all smiles and singing in the car.

Tonight I had dinner with two of my sweetest friends - Jayne and Laura!  Totally meant to get a picture of us but failed! boo!  We had a blast laughing, telling stories and catching up!

 I am SO thankful for the amazing friends God has placed in my life!  They are such a blessing! HE knows exactly what I need, when I need it!

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