Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Potty Training Deepe Style

That adorable face is hard not to love!

We are officially closing in on Day 4 of potty training!  I researched many potty training methods and talked to tons of friends on what worked for them.  Knowing Ryan's personality I decided to do the 3day potty training method.  I have two good friends who swear by this method and have had great success. 

Friday night we went to Target to pick out some big boy underwear.  Of course Ryan picked out Mickey Mouse and Cars.  Saturday morning we got up and ate breakfast then we put away all of Ryan's diapers (we will keep them for Colton) and let Ryan pick out what big boy underwear he wanted to wear.  We never forced Ryan on the potty or had him "try" to go.  We simply said "Ryan, tell mommy when you need to go potty" about 100 times.  

At first he held it for two and a half hours!  This kid has some serious bladder control.  He did great and didn't have an accident the entire day.  So proud of him. He did way better than we expected for sure!  Sunday we got up and did the same thing.  He had a small accident early.  He started to pee then said "mommy mommy pee pee" so we rushed to the potty where he finished.  About an hour later the same thing happened and he finished in the potty. We rushed to the potty and he finished. Yay, he was totally getting it.  After lunch he had a poop accident but we caught it right as he was finishing and rushed him to the potty.  

Day 3 - Monday he did awesome once again and didn't have any accidents.  Oh and I was totally planning to use pull ups for naps and bed time but when I pulled them out on Day 1 Ryan said "no diaper, no diaper".  I looked at Matt and said ok, if we are going to do this let's do it.  So we explained he needed to stay dry and yell if he needed to go potty.  I didn't want to give mixed signals and flip flop so we went with it.  He did amazing and didn't have an accident at all.  We are doing underwear for naps and bedtime and he's doing great.  

Today is Day 4 and we stayed home again just to be safe.  Ryan and I made cookies and he had a blast.  Of course he wanted to do it all himself and he actually did pretty good scooping the dough out onto the cookie sheet.  

I believe it's safe to say we have a potty trained 3 year old.  I think Ryan just needed the "crutch" of diapers taken away and now he knows he has to hold it and he can.  Today he didn't have any accidents!  However after his nap he refused to potty so after arguing and begging him for a good 15 minutes I finally said ok then let's go downstairs and you tell mommy when you need to potty.  He had not peed since 1pm so by 5pm he was dancing around doing the pee pee dance.  He wouldn't go I think because he knew he had to poop and he's scared to go on the potty.  Finally before dinner I convinced him to go potty and he peed and did poop a tiny bit.  We celebrated and were so happy.

It's been exhausting but I'm so proud of him and I think he's going to continue to do great.  I know he will have some accidents but it's all par for the course.  Tomorrow we will venture out of the house for the first time because frankly I might go crazy if we stay home one more day.  We will just go to the gym in the morning so I'm praying for no accidents and good and willing attitudes.  

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