Monday, July 9, 2012

Family Time

My parents are driving back home to Memphis as I type right now.  They have been here visiting for the last 5 days.  It has been so fun having them here and we have loved spending so much time with them.  

 Ryan loves his Granddad.  He has so much fun playing with him.  

 This week we had some lunch play time at our favorite place Chick-fil-A and visited the splash park.  Ryan probably had the best time playing in the backyard in his water table and new sprinkler Nana and Granddad brought him.  

Colton is going through some major separation anxiety lately.  It was tough to get a picture of him with anyone else.  I hope this "phase" doesn't last long!

 Family picture! Love how ALL the grandkids got in the picture including Annabelle and Gracie on the left! hahaha!

My parents got Colton his first fun little car.  He's just the right size.  Unfortunately Ryan thinks it's his car of course.  It shoots balls out the front and makes horn sounds. 

We had such a wonderful time with family this week.  Ryan is crazy about his grandparents!  He had a blast and is totally going to miss Nana and Granddad but we look forward to their next visit.  

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