Friday, July 20, 2012

Show Us Your Life - Foyers

Today on Kelly's Show Us Your Life we are showcasing Foyers.  I love that we have a two story entrance when you walk in our house.  When we were searching for a home 6 years ago I knew I wanted a two story entrance.  I found this table years ago at Kirklands.  I also found these lamps there around the same time.  

This little guy is not feeling so great today!  He has been coughing his little head off all night and day.  All he wants to do is rest his head on my shoulder and snuggle.  Fine by me for sure.  I feel so bad for him.  I know he just feels yuck.  

To top it off he has FOUR teeth coming in at the same time.  One broke through last night - his top right front tooth.  His other front tooth is right behind.  You can see a little white speck so I'm predicting it will push through any time now.  And the two on either side of his front teeth are coming in as well.  I guess one good thing about is we just get it done and over with in one fell swoop.  

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