Friday, July 27, 2012

Picture This

I love love love taking pictures.  Matt would say I take way too many pictures but I firmly believe you can never have many pics especially when it comes to your kiddos!  Some of my favorite ways to keep my photos are in the photo books I have created for every year of life for my kids.  I'm currently in the process of finishing Colton's first year and Ryan's 3rd year.  

I am so glad I finally made my blog into a book.  I've done 2009 and just ordered 2010 this week.  I'm planning to order 2011 in the next few months.  

I love this collage in our family room.  The pictures are all from Ryan's one year photo shoot.  I need to update the pictures with Colton now.  

Love these canvas prints of my two precious boys!

I have tons of pictures hanging up and in frames all around my house.  


Stacy Brown said...

What do you use to turn your blog into a book? I have used Shutterfly to create my son's posts into a photo book/journal. Now I hope to do it yearly.

Summer said...

I used blog2print. I had considered using Booksmart but it was painstakingly slow. With blog2print I had to create two books for one year but I figured it was not worth it to spend countless hours with booksmart. I was happy with my 2009 blog2print so I'm sure 2010 will be great! Thanks for asking!

Stacy Brown said...

Thank you! I will keep that in mind for when next years