Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Olympic Fever

 Do you have it???  We should do in this house!  We have been watching the Olympics non stop since opening ceremonies on Friday night.

Friday night we went to an Olympics party with my friend Tiffany at her church.  Everyone was to pick their favorite country and bring a dish and dress according to their country.  We picked Australia since we love it (though we've never been) and we brought banana sour cream cake and smoked sausage cocktail weenies.  They were a hug big and everyone loved them!  We had a great time and enjoyed meeting some new people.  

Matt is completely obsessed with the Olympics!  He hardly ever watches tv.  I think he has watched more tv in the last week than the last six months.  In fact Friday he won this game where you had to name as many cities as you could from past Olympics.  Matt names 19!  Crazy!  He said he used to get made fun of in high school and college for how much he loved the Olympics!  I love that it's something that we both love and enjoy!

Last night I stayed up with the rest of America glued to the TV watching the Fab Five perform their gold medal performance.  The girls US gymnastics team was truly amazing and breathtaking!  I seriously cried when they won the gold.  All those girls looked amazing last night.  Their radiant smiles were inspiring!  You couldn't help but cheer for them when you saw their flawless performances!  

I was also cheering on Missy Franklin, Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte and the rest of the US Swim team.  I love watching swimming and we have some amazing swimmers on team USA!  One of my favorite parts of the Olympics is hearing the stories about the Olympians, who they are and where they come from. 

Nick Thoman, seen here are the right,  won the silver medal for the 100-meter backstroke.  He is a hometown boy around here so we are all rooting for him.  He actually went to Matt's high school.  Pretty cool!  Way to go Team USA!!! 

And seriously the first picture of Colton might be my favorite picture of him of all time!  LOVE LOVE!!

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