Friday, May 30, 2014

A Few Firsts

Ryan asked to go to the pool yesterday but it was overcast and there was rain in the forecast so we had a picnic at the park instead.  

The boys loved it!  They were a hot sweaty mess after only about thirty minutes.  It's hot and humid here but I'm not complaining!
So yesterday Matt took his first of four exams for the CPA. YAY!!!  It went well and I know he is glad at least the first part is over.  He has a "free" weekend so we are looking forward to some family time and doing some work around the house.  

We decided to take the boys to Kings Island today.  We got season passes (for the first time) last fall.  I wasn't sure how well the boys would do and how much they would like it.  Well, they loved it and had a blast.  It was HOT but the boys were so excited to be there.  

The first ride at Kings Island were the bumper cars.  Big hit for everyone.  

The boys then wanted to ride the airplanes. They did awesome and loved it. 

These two cuties are going to be trouble in about 11 years.  Oh my goodness, I could die over the cuteness.  They fight all the time but love each other fiercely.  

Ryan's first roller coaster!  He loved it except he did look at me a little scared when I asked him "isn't it fun?" but he quickly said Yeah!!  

Our last ride was the carousal, always a favorite!  We only stayed a few hours but the boys had a great time and took great naps this afternoon!  

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