Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Pre-School Graduation

Today was Ryan's last day of school and pre-school graduation.  Even though he is going to Pre-K next year at the same school, he graduated today from the 4's class.  Most of his classmates are going to kindergarten in the fall but there are some young 5's and summer babies that will join him in the fall for Pre-K.  

Graduation was today and Ryan was so excited.  His classmates walked down to pomp and circumstance and lined up on stage.  

The kids sang songs they have been working on all year in chapel.  I loved watching them do all the hand motions and get excited about singing.  

It was totally adorable though I do think preschool graduation is a little over the top. Nonetheless I loved watching my baby sing his little heart out about Our Awesome God.  

Ryan and his girlfriend Jillian.  He looks forward to seeing Jillie every morning in the hallway.  They are so cute!  We will definitely have to do some playdates with them this summer.  

Ryan and his fabulous and wonderful teachers Mrs. Randi and Mrs. Mandy.  We have loved, loved, loved having them as Ryan's teachers.  He has loved school and I know it's in part because of them.  They are so loving and good with the kids.  We will definitely miss them next year. 

Ryan has learned and grown so much this year.  I am so thankful for his preschool for all they have done and provided for Ryan.  We (I mean me) am a little sad to see the last day of school but we are looking forward to summer filled with pool days, lunches at the park, playdates, birthday parties and trips to the lake.  

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