Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Full Heart

Today was the Mother's Day Tea at Ryan's Preschool.  It was so cute and fun.  It started when Ryan came out in the hall to get me and gave me a paper corsage.  He led me into the room to our table where he served me punch and a brownie.  

The kids have been working on their letters and phonics all year.  They did this little song of the phonetic alphabet.  It was adorable and I loved watching how animated they are.  

I always love seeing Ryan interact with all his little buddies.  These are two of his favorite friends, Braxton and Parker.  

They also answered fun questions about their moms.  We couldn't take them home yet but I will have to post for my memory sake when it comes home.  

It was such a sweet day and I loved spending time with my oldest little man.  My heart is so full!  Ryan has been so sweet lately and I'm just soaking both boys right now.  

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