Wednesday, May 21, 2014

First Days of Summer

It's our first week of summer!  We've been going to the gym and hitting up the park.  Monday the boys and I ran to Target and Costco.  Whenever we go to Costco the boys immediately ask for popcorn and a hot dog.  They know they usually have skinny pop samples and they love their hot dogs.  We did get a hot dog for lunch and I treated them to some frozen yogurt for dessert.  They loved it.  

Tuesday we went to the park for Evan's 5th birthday party.  He was in Ryan's class this year.  Most of his preschool class was there and I think they loved seeing each other since school ended last week and getting to run around and play.  

The boys had a BLAST and it was a great party.  Ryan asks me every day if he is 5 yet.  Bless him!  Love that boy!

And I made these school themed cookies for the boys' teacher gifts this year.  I love how colorful they turned out.  

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