Friday, May 16, 2014

5 on Friday

This time of year is so busy! Now that school is over for both the boys I feel like it will finally slow down a little.  I thought I would wrap up our week with a Five on Friday! 

1.  Colton had his last day of MDO on Tuesday!  I totally forgot to take his picture on tuesday and it was pouring down rain on Wednesday when I took Ryan's picture.  I will get another picture next week when it's sunny and warm outside but until then, this picture will have to do.  

2.  Did I mention sunny and warm? Yeah, old man winter will not LEAVE!  It's been super chilly and rainy the last two days. Yucko!!!  It's looks to be a cool weekend but we are looking forward to more summer-time temps next week!  I hope it's a blazing hot summer!  I'm so over cold!

3.  Today we had lunch with my friend Anissa and her kiddos Elizabeth, Quinn and baby Caitlyn.  I've known Anissa since Ryan was a itty bitty baby.  I remember when these two cuties were just babies and Anissa and I would take them out to lunch and they would just sit and be so sweet eating puffs and goldfish.  One baby was so easy, ha! 

Yup, that's Elizabeth and Ryan back in the day!  They were around 8 months old!  Gosh, sometimes that seems like yesterday and other times forever ago.  

And these two brother-second-born's are a MESS!  They are both little stinkers and keep us on our toes.  I always say God had a sense of humor when he gave us second born children.  And that's coming from a second born and the baby.  

4.  I made these 1st Communion Cookies for my friend Holly a few weeks ago.  They turned out so cute!  Have I mentioned how much I love my Kopycate!  No way I could write that well without it.  Loved making these. 

5.  I forgot to post this picture of Ryan's last day of preschool the other day.  
We are excited for a fun and busy weekend full of MOPS stuff, Ryan's last soccer game and a birthday party.  

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