Monday, May 19, 2014

Soccer and Birthday Parties

On Saturday Ryan had his last soccer game of his first season playing soccer.  He LOVED soccer and enjoyed every minute of practice and games.  He really has grown a lot this season and come along way.  He still doesn't like going after the ball when the other team has possession but he really played great the last few games.  He got after that ball and drove it 'almost' into the goal. 

After his last game they had a celebration party at a local park.  The kids received a soccer trophy and ate yummy cupcakes.  Ryan was beside himself getting his very first trophy. 

Coach Tony and Coach Beth did a great job this year and we were so glad to be on their team.  

Saturday afternoon we headed over to the Joseph's house for a fun time down on the farm.  Will turned 5 and Caroline turned 3 so they celebrated with farmer Georgia and all her farm animals including goats, sheep, a pig, a bunny and chickens.  

The boys had the best time playing with all the animals.  It's not every day you get to walk a goat on a leash around the backyard.  It was a blast and we loved celebrating with friends.

Sunday was a little less busy.  We had a great lunch with our friends, the Kraft's, after church then came home for naps and I headed to the grocery.  We love the weekends but they go by way too fast!

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