Monday, July 15, 2013

Pool, Party and El Picante

We had a great weekend.  The weather is starting to warm up quite a bit around here so Saturday was a perfect day for the pool.  I had the genius idea to check the kids into childcare at the gym and Matt and I got a little jump start on our summer tans.  

We went to the kids after about an hour and brought them out to the pool to play.  They loved it and everyone had a great time.   Best idea EVER!!!

Saturday afternoon we headed to Elizabeth's birthday party at Little Gym.  Both boys were a little shy at first but soon they were running around with all their friends.  Perfect to burn off some energy.  

After the boys worked up a good sweat we retired to the party room for some cake and ice cream.  Yes, please!  Do you see that beautiful birthday cake?  It was so pretty and SO good!  Anissa said this lady makes them out of her house.  

My friend Anissa just moved into a new house on Friday...and the party was on Saturday!  Whew!  I know she was tired and probably crashed Saturday night.  

It was a fabulous party and everyone had so much fun!

After the party we were ready for dinner so we headed to El Picante for some yummy goodness.  I thought the boys would just munch on chips and salsa for dinner since they had just had cake and ice cream but they ate some chicken and did really well.  

Have I mentioned El Pincante has the best Margaritas?  Oh my, they are good!

Sunday we went to church and came home for lunch!  I went to Costco and the grocery while the boys napped and Matt worked on school work.  Yeah, not very exciting but that was our day!  

Matt has just four weeks of summer classes left!  Yay!  These will be a stressful next four weeks for him but I know he will finish strong!

His birthday is this Thursday!  I asked him what kind of cake he wanted and he said I didn't have to make him a cake!  Uhm, hello, I want birthday cake!!!  We are all looking forward to celebrating!

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