Monday, July 29, 2013

Swings and Things

We had a nice weekend around here.  The weather has been exceptionally cool for late July but we will take it.  It's beautiful and very pleasant outside.  I'll definitely take some park days over the pool. 

Friday night we went to Eli's BBQ with some of Matt's new friends from school.  Usually I am dragging him along to meet my friends but the tables were turned this time.  We had a great time and enjoyed some delicious BBQ.  Yum!

Saturday morning I had a Mops thing in the morning then that afternoon Matt and I went to Homearoma - a huge home show just north of the Cincy.  I love looking at houses so it's always fun to see decoration ideas and floorplans. I drug Matt along so I would have someone to tell what I liked and didn't like and what I would like in our next house.  It was good and we enjoyed spending the afternoon together. 

Saturday night we were invited to a cookout with some of Matt's old co-workers.  We took the boys and they had a blast playing with the other kids there.  All the kids there were boys, 7 total.  It worked out perfect and everyone had a blast!  Sadly I didn't get any pictures. 

Since the weather has been amazing we played outside today.  The boys wanted to first play in their sandbox then they migrated to the swingset.  I guess it's been a while since Colton has swung in the babyswing.  He was a little unsure at first.  At parks now he wants to sit in the regular swing.  He does pretty well and loves to swing.  He's growing up way too fast.  

And this was Ryan's 'handsome' face. Ha!!!  I held up my phone to take a picture and said 'look handsome'.  That boy is a mess!  He cracks me up!

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