Monday, December 31, 2012

Cheers to Art and Happy Birthday Ya-ya

The other night Matt and I went on a double date with our friends Mike and Deana.  We went to this amazing Italian restaurant called Ferriari's in quaint little downtown Maderia.  The food was ah-mazing.  

I was SO excited to order Spumoni for dessert.  You can't find it many places so I was excited to get it. Spumoni is an italian ice cream usually with chocolate, strawberry or cherry and pistatio ice cream with nuts.  It's so yummy.  This one had shortbread type cookies on top and was served in this huge platter.  Matt helped me eat some of it but I still didn't finish it.  Wish I could have taken it home. 

After dinner we went over to Cheers to Art! It's a canvas painting studio.  There is an instructor who gives step by step instructions and theres on experience necessary - good thing since we are not artist. Ha! 

We painted the "tree of love".  We each painted a canvas to make one tree.  It was SO much fun and we had the best time.  Definitely something we want to do again.  Mike and Deana had a great time too.  Pretty sure their tree looks way better than ours.  Matt and I paint completely different.  It's all good though. 

Saturday Matt started feeling bad but we thought it was just this congestion stuff we've all had since before Christmas.  He started running a fever so we knew it was more than just congestion.  The poor guy has just felt awful the last few days.  He went to the take care clinic at Walgreens this morning and they confirmed he has the flu.  Yuck!  The boys both got flu shots so they should be good but I did not so I'm just praying I stay healthy.  We are ringing in the new year here at home in our pj's.  It's not the wild and crazy but it's just the way I like to celebrate.  

Yesterday was Ya'ya's birthday!  We want to wish her a very happy birthday!  We love you Ya-ya!

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