Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Eighteen Months


You are 18 months old as of last week on the 27th!!! I can hardly believe it.  You will be two in just 6 short months!  You are growing SO fast.
You weigh 21.5 pounds.
You wear mostly 18month clothes
You wear size 4.5 show
You wear size 4 diaper
You are starting to act more like big boy and not a baby anymore.  You follow Ryan around all day and you want to do everything he does.

You ADORE Ryan and think he is just the greatest.  You laugh at everything he does.  Ya'll definitely fight a lot but you have so much fun playing and laughing together.   Ryan loves to make you laugh and you love to make him laugh when he's in timeout.  Ryan always makes sure you are ok and taken care of.  He loves you so much!

You have such a funny personality.  You can be a real character.  You jabber all day long.  I love to smile and laugh.  You make us laugh and smile all day.  You are so sweet and loving.  You love to snuggle and would love to be held all day long.  You can play by yourself but you would rather be with momma.

You are SO busy and don't slow down all day.  You are into everything and can make a mess in a millisecond.  You are fast and curious and so smart.

You are a rockstar sleeper!  You take a 3-4 hour afternoon nap and sleep usually 12-13 hours at night.

You are a great eater and will eat almost anything.  So thankful for that!

You aren't saying many words but I can tell they are on the tip of your tongue.  You definitely are receptive of words they just doesn't come out the same way.  You say 6-7 words right now.

You have some wave and curl in your hair.  Sometimes it can be pretty wild especially after naps.  With two parents who have wavy and curly hair you don't stand a chance of straight hair.  

Colton you are such a blessing to our family and we couldn't imagine life without you.  You daddy and I love you so much.  Time is flying by so quickly.  I hope you always know that you are so loved and prayed for every day!

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